Monday, December 6, 2010

Seminars, Funerals and Knitting

'Tis the season for Christmas concerts. I played my first one last night for a large Baptist Church here in town. It went off pretty well except for the finding out that a dear friend had died just as I was going on stage. The conductor thought that I already knew and asked me if I knew when the funeral was. I had to ask him who had died. :( Totally not cool. I knew he was ill and in the hospital, but the last thing I had heard was encouraging. So, tomorrow, I will drive to Carthage, Texas and play his funeral along with other musicians that he performed with and students he taught. He was truly a wonderful man and I will miss him.

So, today I spent my time with the other profession I'm involved Whoo boy, are they a different breed of people. The topic today was "Small Business Accounting and Auditing Update". Isn't your pulse racing from just reading that title? The speaker was pretty good. In fact, no one fell asleep. Yay! Let's just say that the only reason I stayed awake was because of my knitting. I got a seat in the back and put my simple baby blanket under the desk and knit away. So, I learned lots of fun stuff about Engagement Letters and International GAAP Standards and.......  Hey! Are you still awake?? At least I should be able to finish the baby blanket for the baby that was born last week (whoops) if not tonight then tomorrow night.

Tonight I will be eating the Great Northern Beans I made in the crock pot yesterday and some cabbage and trying to get a good nights sleep before hitting the road in the morning. I'm trying to eat healthier and counting my calories. It's not terribly fun, but I've promised myself a season of Supernatural for each 10 pounds lost .Sadly I should be able to collect the entire series by the time I hit my goal weight. So, yay for Supernatural, boo for letting myself get so overweight. However, the chance to watch rather attractive men fight demons, etc is enough to make me turn down the cake and pick up the cabbage. It's a good thing that I'm rather easily bought.


  1. Went to tax update myself this week. Worked on a Citron shawl. :)

  2. Great Northern Beans? You can say that and then not post a recipe! I'm hungry AND intrigued!