Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day Two of Stephie's Reign

I do believe this is a first with Laura's blog. I am blogging for her for the second day in a row. In case you missed yesterday's fascinating blog post I am Stephanie, the cat that owns Laura.

As promised I had pictures taken of all of her unfinished projects and the dirty quilt she dragged home from a yard sale. I must say that she has accomplished quite a bit on several of the projects but others are just shameful and only add to the clutter around the house. And, let me tell y'all, the Stephie Cat does not hold for clutter. My favorite thing to do is to move about the house and point out the areas that are mussy.

Anyway, here are the pictures. I had to enlist my Grandmother in the project so don't blame me if the pictures aren't up to your standards. I have no opposable thumbs, that makes picture taking difficult.

What you are seeing is a sock, the dark blue is the beginning of a rug, the red is an almost complete Christmas tree garland and the small blue thing is, I believe, the beginnings of a dishcloth. Please pardon the gratuitous dog picture. Grandmama just loves adding those little homey touches to her photography.

And finally here is a shot of the quilt. Laura keeps saying that she's going to wash it and make it pretty, but all I know is that she better hurry before I do something about it. My poor nose is still stuffed up from when I took it down to Grandmama's house. Again ignore the small furry creature she has snapped a picture of. I read somewhere that cat pictures can increase a blogs traffic, but still this is getting a little too much.

Ta ta 'til tomorrow.

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