Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Day for the Rearview Mirror

I made it to Carthage this morning and played for my friend's funeral. It was amazing. A full 60 piece choir, a string quartet, a pianist and an organist showed up to pay tribute. We played Handel's Hallelujah Chorus as the recessional. I've never played a harder "gig" or a more touching one. I started sobbing in the middle of our first piece and finally one of the choir members took pity on me and handed me a kleenex. But, I'm glad I was able to give something back to his family and help create such a wonderful tribute to the life he led.

I spent the rest of the day playing on Ravelry and dealing with the IRS.

Therefore, I have decided that the rest of this evening will be spent drinking hot tea and wearing my footie pajamas (it's freaking cold here). Now I just need to decide what I should watch while chilling out. Tough tough decision. I've got Burn Notice, Star Trek, Stargate and Stargate Atlantis on DVD or I could always look for the trashiest thing on tv and just veg out. No knitting has or will happen today.  I desperately need to finish up a baby blanket, but I have issues knitting on something that should be infused with happy feelings when I'm feeling this tired and depressed.

Tomorrow is another day and another seminar. Woohoo! The Annual Tax Update all as a webcast. So no interaction and lots of bored accountants sleeping, reading the paper, or (in my case) knitting.

I did do one fun thing today and stopped by the Jim Reeves Memorial just outside Carthage. There's not a lot to see, but I love stopping  there and walking over the guitar and saying hello to his statue. I almost feel like I've forgotten something when I don't get to do this. Here's a closeup of the guitar that makes up part of the sidewalk.

Jim Reeves Memorial

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