Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December Runneth Me Over

I'm not really sure where December went. I have a vague memory of Christmas parties, Board Meetings, Nursing Home concerts and Church Concerts, and brand new and very sick kitten. There was also a lovely stomach virus and computer explosion thrown in there somewhere. I now have a brand new computer and an upgraded internet service so all seems to be better.

Midnight Services were particularly interesting this year when a sudden and violent stomach virus invaded my body. I'm so very lucky that this Church is nice and had no problems with me running out during Communion and never returning. They even fetched my cello from the Altar area and helped me get everything packed up. Although, it might just have been that they took one look at me and just really really wanted me out of there. :)-

I'm gearing up for Tax Season now. Part of me hopes that I'm so busy that I tear my hair out, but the other part just wants me to make enough to pay my bills including the new computer setup. I think I'm going to aim for somewhere in between. Being self-employed has been wonderful yet frightening so far. I have a feeling that this is how it's always going to be, though. At least I get to work with a cat on my lap and music playing the background that's a definite upgrade.

I have yet again failed to take pictures of the baby blanket I finished last month, but here's a picture of another one I made last summer. Just imagine this blanket sans the cat and in teal. I really like this pattern. It's simple enough that I don't cry when the baby tears it up and since I always make it out of cotton the Momma can bleach it to her heart's contect and I still don't cry. I've seen a few of these being carried around by 5 year olds and they do seem to hold together even after being tortured.

Handy Dandy and the Blanket

Now I'm working on a simple prayer shawl for my neighbor. My forever project, a blanket for my sister, has been temporarily put away but will be returning after we've spent some time apart learning from our past mistakes. It's about double this size now after some late nights, but is still only half-way finished. I really need to think these things out better.


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